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Introducing Quizmash

Back in the mists of time I was studying for my Adobe Flash certification, and struggled to find many example questions on the web.

There were a couple of sites that had a few, but they were always limited to the questions the person who made them had written. I thought it would be cool if someone built a site allow anyone to post questions on a subject, so that the pool of available questions would grow over time.

Flash forward a couple of years and behold, Quizmash! It lets users not only post questions, but subjects too, so if you have some knowledge on any subject, technical or trivial, post it here, and hopefully someone will find it useful in their hunt for example questions.

It’s only got a couple of example questions in there to start with, and there’s plenty of features to add, and no doubt bugs to squash, so right now I’m looking for any of you flash geniuses out there to come up with some questions about Actionscript 3, or indeed any other technical subject you can think of to get the ball rolling.

Ok, get mashing!


Holiday snaps

People and police on the beach

I finally got round to uploading some of my holiday pictures to flickr. You can see them as a slide show here.

When I get some free time, I’ll hopfully be integrating my flickr account into this site, so you can view the pictures here.

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New surfboard

Awesome stuff. Now all i need is some good waves…

And to be good at surfing.

My ride!!

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Jellyfish 1, Me 0

When surfing on manly beach, be sure to avoid large patches of bluebottle jellyfish. Ouch!


Needless to say, I went straight to the boardstore on sunday, and purchased a long sleeve rash vest. Now who’s the master of the sea!



40°C in Sydney yesterday! You want summer? Well there it is.

Going to the pool after work was awesome. The air-con in the office however decided to blow the fuse box for an hour again, hopefully it’ll hold up for a few more months until the electricity company fix the supply to our block.

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Alfred Hitchcocks “The Birds”

Ouch. I was attacked by an australian magpie on saturday, and recieved a cut above my eye. Those things are pretty vicious come spring, so stay alert people!

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