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Alfred Hitchcocks “The Birds”

Ouch. I was attacked by an australian magpie on saturday, and recieved a cut above my eye. Those things are pretty vicious come spring, so stay alert people!

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Flash 8 now shipping

Flash 8 is now available in all its glory. You can get a trial version of it from here.

We should be getting it in work pretty soon, but i’ve installed the trial at home and i’ve got to say, it works a treat. Now all we have to do is wait 2 years for everyone to install the player so we can actually produce content for it.

I think macromedia have done a lot about ease of distribution this time with their live upgrade features, but it remains to be seen if this will have a large impact. You still need admin privileges on the machine you’re trying to install on, so don’t expect this to be as smooth as macromedia would have us think. Especially for people on corporate networks (i.e. me)

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Melbourne radio madness.

Tektime have posted the interview i did on melbourne radio a while ago on their website. You can download it here. I’ts a general chat about flash and the industry.


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Look mum, my first post

Hey hey. Lookmum blog is now up and running.

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