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Man patents “The internet”

“The patent–issued on Valentine’s Day–covers all rich-media technology implementations, including Flash, Flex, Java, Ajax, and XAML, when the rich-media application is accessed on any device over the Internet, according to the patent holders.” or so says information week.

This is pure greed driven craziness. If you have a look at the site in question, youll see it’s a rather dated flash cms, and yet somehow it’s managed to get a patent that pretty much covers every method of producing RIAs in existence.

I’m not sure what effect this patent will have outside the US, but it’s still a worrying development.

Next up, I’ll be patenting electricity and original thought.


Jellyfish 1, Me 0

When surfing on manly beach, be sure to avoid large patches of bluebottle jellyfish. Ouch!


Needless to say, I went straight to the boardstore on sunday, and purchased a long sleeve rash vest. Now who’s the master of the sea!


certifiedFlashDevelopers += me

It hasn’t quite sunk in totally, but this morning I took and passed the certified flash developer exam. It was quite an intense experience, but I came out of it with a spring in my step and a respectable 83%.

This has been a goal of mine for quite a while now, and it feels great to have finally accomplished this. The challenge of the certification has certainly helped me to broaden my flash skills into areas that I wouldn’t normally have dived head first into, and this in turn means I can introduce these new elements to the projects I work on.

I started to see the benefit of this exam, long before I actually took the thing. Anything that forces you to learn more about different areas of your field can only be good for your day to day work, and the sense of satisfaction is the icing on the cake.

Apologies if this is a bit of a gushing blog post, but I’m totally stoked at the moment (all be it a bit frazzled)

Anyway, lets move on to the gory details. The testing centre itself was a bizarre experience, first showing a couple of forms of ID before being led through to a room where I had to divulge myself of all my possessions, including my watch. Then on to the control room full of video monitoring equipment, with a big glass window looking through to the test rooms where I was given a short brief on procedures. Then led into the test room, and installed into my booth. I half expected to be sterilised and de-loused!

I can’t go into details about the exam itself, due to the NDA you have to agree to, but lets just say it’s definitely a tough one, like the official study guide says, “tough but fair”. It really was a collection of questions on nearly every area of flash, so you really need to know your onions to get through it.

A couple of resources to look at if you’re going to take the exam would be, firstly the official study guide. This is a great little book that I would recommend even to people who aren’t going to take the exam. It gives an overview of the whole of flash, and can really help to point out your weak spots, plus where you need to look to improve these areas. Secondly, get to know your Essential ActionScript 2.0 by Colin Mook. Better flashers than myself have pretty much covered everything about how great this book is, so let’s just say I concur. Lastly there’s a great mini preparation guide, and example exam by Tom Kitta, that helped a lot in the later stages of my training.

Next up, I’ll be continuing with my Korean language course, and hopefully learning to scuba dive in the near future. At least until they announce the Flash 8 exam! Ever feel like your head is going to explode? :P


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