My sordid Actionscript past

Over the last few days, I’ve been working on some changes to some really old projects here at Massmedia. One of which was the first thing i did when I started here, and the other is from nearly two years before that, full of all the tricks and hacks that flash required at the time. While I sat there looking through all this old code, I couldn’t help thinking what I would change if I had to redo the projects today.

The fact is that almost every Flash developer i know, or indeed most professionals in any related fields, are seldom happy with the work they did a long time ago, and it’s almost with a sense of shame that we pick through our first old projects. I suspect Colin Mook is spinning in his multiuser application grave as I navigate throught the spaghetti i used to write, while on my journey from someone who used flash purely for broadcast TV animations.

But surely this is a good thing. The day i pick up a project I did years ago and think “That’s great, I wish I knew how to do that now!” is the day I truely have to worry. Maybe it’s just me, and all of your first projects were a strictly typed synergie of design patterns and dynamically loading class libraries. I for one enjoyed reminising with a colleague about the hacks we used to use while flash was developing, and ourselves along with it.

I will always fondly remember the heady days of:

<em>if ( _root.getBytesLoaded() == _root.getBytesTotal() ){

Oh onEnterFrame, how you spoiled all my fun :) .

Anyone else got Actionscript skeletons in thier closet they’d like to confess to?

  1. #1 by JesterXL on February 1st, 2006 - 4:14 am

    I was about to write, “The day that feeling stops, worry.” But then you write that in your 2nd paragraph!

    All I have to really add is that all those tricks come in useful because they work. Whatever works to get the deadline hit is an extremely useful tool, and as the year pass, and you collect these tools, you can utilize them for success. You also are aware of the ramifications of using them since you’ve probably been burned more than once by using one.

    AS3 will remove some of that freedom unfortunately.

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